A look back at 2019

What an amazing year it has been. During 2019 at BlackBerry, we’ve been busy hosting fantastic events, releasing secure products and services, as well as attending innovative industry events. As the year’s end is just around the corner, here are some of highlights we would like to share with you.

  • January – Rocked at CES 2019 in Las Vegas showcasing some of the innovative technologies 
  • February – Added SCEP support for BB Dynamics Apps in the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK version 5.0
  • March – Celebrated 35 Years of BlackBerry in style and received many special messages. #BlackBerry35!
  • April – Dropped the mic and won a prize at the DisruptAI 2019 Hack-a-thon among 400+ developers
  • May – Posted a sample in BlackBerry GitHub on how to secure Edge Thread Network using BlackBerry Spark Communications Services  
  • June – Added Crypto C programming interface for developers to support signing and verifying documents such as PDFs
  • July – Welcomed Cylance to BlackBerry, a leader of Machine Learning and AI in cybersecurity
  • August – Announced BlackBerry Intelligent Security enabling to work securely anywhere at anytime
  • September – Your hard work in the summer has paid off. BlackBerry Dynamics apps were updated for Android 10 and iOS13.
  • October – Travelled the world offering a hands-on experience and demonstrations on how BlackBerry is protecting sensitive information and communications in zero-trust environments.
  • November – Posted a best way to find your teammates to play foosball using the AtHoc SDK
  • December – Nailed down on how to implement Firebase Sign-in methods with BlackBerry Spark Communications Services SDK

Year 2019 was a great success! We thank you all to be part of the BlackBerry Developers community.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

EK Choi

About EK Choi

EK is a member of the Enterprise Solutions Team, helping developers to create secure applications using BlackBerry solutions and services.