BlackBerry Dynamics SDK v.6.0.0.x now available for Android and iOS

The BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android and iOS v.6.0 is now generally available.

Included in this release are new Dynamics SDK APIs, Android and iOS security enhancements and support for new Dynamics policy controls.  Highlights below:

  • Crypto C programming interface to enable signing and verification of messages or documents, such as PDFs
  • Local Block and unblock APIs to temporarily prevent access to the BlackBerry Dynamics app under certain conditions.
  • Background Authorize restricted API to enable programmatic unlock of an iOS BlackBerry Dynamics app in the background to allow certain operations (such as download of new emails) without user intervention
  • iOS App Integrity check to verify the integrity of BlackBerry Dynamics apps using the Apple DeviceCheck framework at activation and periodically once activated (beta).

See the release notes for more information on the Dynamics SDK v.6.0 new features, required changes and general updates:

You can download the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android and iOS v.6.0 here

In future blog posts, we will provide an in-depth review of  key Dynamics SDK v.6.0 features as well as a look ahead at what to expect for our annual Android and iOS readiness releases.


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