BlackBerry Jam Zone Rewards Program Closure


Most of our community is aware that BlackBerry is aligning its developer program with our corporate strategy by placing more emphasis on the development of enterprise and productivity applications. One of the changes we are making to move in this direction is by ending the BlackBerry Jam Zone Rewards Program.

First, we want you to know that we will give everyone one final order per person. And, we’ll add a BlackBerry Z30 and BlackBerry PlayBook to the list of items you can select. This will allow those of you that have accumulated a large number of points to purchase BlackBerry devices. Another option for your outstanding points is to donate them. We know that you value community and sharing knowledge, so we have made arrangements to contribute $1 for every 25 points to local charities that promote programming education. A list of these country charities is below, and for those countries where we have not been able to identify a charity, we will donate the funds to Code Club World and

Many of you will be asking if we will replace the program. We don’t have firm plans at this point, but we’ll be looking at new programs that allow us to ship virtual goods or rewards and other ways to support those of you who will be transitioning with us to our focus on enterprise. We value your feedback, and welcome your comments here and @BlackBerryDev as well as participation through the developer forums.

Important Dates:

  • July 24, 2014
    • All developers with Jam Zone points notified by email that the program is closing.
    • Each person with points can make one final order and will have until Aug 15, 2014 to make the order.
    • No additional points awarded.
  • Aug 15, 2014
    • All outstanding points converted to charitable donations.
    • Wrap up blog post identifying charities and donations made.


Here’s the list of countries and the charities we’ve selected:

Canada kidsCODEjeunesse
United States
  1. org
India Coder Dojo
Great Britain Code Club
Indonesia Coding(Indonesia);
Germany Code Club World
Thailand Code Club World
Poland Code Club World
Netherlands Code Club World
Spain Code Club World
Mexico Code Club World
China Code Club World
Hong Kong Code Club World
Italy Code Club World
Australia Code Club World
France Code Club World
Brazil Code Club World
Malaysia Code Club World
Russian Federation Code Club World
Belgium Code Club World
Singapore Code Club World
South Africa Teaching Kids Programming
Taiwan Code Club World
  1. org
Venezuela Code Club World
Ukraine Code Club World
Austria Code Club World
Hungary Coder Dojo
Colombia Code Club World
Slovenia Coder Dojo
Bulgaria Code Club World
Romania Code Club World
Greece Code Club World
Kenya Code Club World
Turkey Code Club World
Israel Code Club World
Egypt Code Club World
Sweden Code Club World
South Korea Teaching Kids Programming
Ireland Coder Dojo
Finland Code Club World
United Arab Emirates Code Club World
Croatia Code Club World
Nigeria Code Club World
Portugal Code Club World
Pakistan Code Club World
Denmark Code Club World
Panama Coder Dojo
Trinidad and Tobago Coder Dojo
Norway Code Club World
Bolivia Coder Dojo
New Zealand Code Club World
Bangladesh Code Club World
Estonia HITSA Innovatsioonikeskus:
Qatar Coder Dojo

About BlackBerry

BlackBerry is a mobile-native software and services company dedicated to securing the Enterprise of Things. BlackBerry Secure software provides the embedded intelligence for the Enterprise of Things so that the Internet of Things can thrive. BlackBerry holds 80+ security certifications and approvals, the most of any mobile vendor. We hold the top position in all six categories of Gartner’s high-security mobility management study. We are ranked among the top 10% of all cybersecurity providers. All G7 governments and 15 of G20 are BlackBerry customers. BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software is the most widely deployed among Fortune 500 companies.

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