Get Android 13 and iOS 16 ready with BlackBerry Dynamics v11.0

ANNOUNCEMENTS / 11.09.22 / Kang Chiang

We’re very excited to announce the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK is now available on the BlackBerry Developers Network. This version of SDK is compatible with Android 13 and iOS 16. See details here to get a jump start on this!


Additionally, BlackBerry Dynamics v11.0 is packed with new features, below are the key highlight:

  • Extend support of Dynamics organizational activation via EID/3rd Party IDP to also cover container unlock and restore flows (Requires upgrade to UEM 12.17).
  • WKWevview Persistent HTML5 Local Storage is now supported.
  • BlackBerry Dynamics apps using SDK v11.0 are supported for Apple Silicon devices and will be reported as macOS in the UEM management console. 


Happy coding!

Kang Chiang

About Kang Chiang

Kang Chiang  is the Sr. Director of Engineering for BlackBerry Dynamics