Getting Your App Certified in the BlackBerry Marketplace

If you are planning to develop a mobile app using BlackBerry Dynamics SDK or currently developing an app for BlackBerry customers, this post is for you. 

What is the ISV App Certification Program?

The BlackBerry ISV app certification program includes several verification processes to ensure a consistent security level in apps across the BlackBerry ISV ecosystem. 

Your app for customers in the BlackBerry platform will be reviewed by BlackBerry teams to verify whether the following security compliance requirements are met.  

  • Use of BlackBerry Dynamics Secure Storage API on device storage

  • Use of BlackBerry Dynamics Communication APIs on network communication

  • Implementation of Data Loss/Leakage Control 

  • 3rd party libraries that are known to be incompatible or contain security risks, are not used 

All BlackBerry Dynamics apps that are published to the BlackBerry Marketplace and sold on public app stores on Apple and Google are required to be certified by BlackBerry.  

What are the Benefits of Getting my App Certified?

In addition to your app getting listed in the BlackBerry Marketplace as “Certified”, only certified apps can use the term “Secured by BlackBerry” and the BlackBerry icon/brands in public app stores provided with BlackBerry branding guidelines.  

Getting certified indicates to customers that your app meets the high BlackBerry Dynamics security standards and vetted against compliance practices and policies to protect customer data. Overall, it benefits customers, ISVs and BlackBerry. 

How do I get my App Certified by BlackBerry?

Become an ISV Partner in BlackBerry and build your app with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK. Implement the security compliance requirements listed above to your app. Apply for the ISV app certification program when your app is ready for the BlackBerry’s review to get certified. 

During the certification review process, your app must demonstrate that all compliance requirements are met by submitting evidence:

  • Completion of a static vulnerability testing done by a 3rd party tool specified. Issues found must be resolved.

  • Verification report with test videos showing the BlackBerry Dynamics feature is operational. 

BlackBerry teams will complete an initial review of the app against security compliance and approve or provide feedback on non-compliant findings. You can resubmit the app for another review when non-compliant issues are resolved as advised.  

What are the Next Steps after my App is Certified?

Publish your app as Certified in the BlackBerry Marketplace and public app stores. Your certified app is required to maintain security compliance foreach app updates and integrate with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK version that is compatible. Failure to maintain compliance could lead to revocation of certification status and your app could be removed from the BlackBerry Marketplace until the app is recertified.  

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Happy coding, everyone!

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