Free Use of Blue Cedar for BlackBerry Customers and Partners

I’m very excited to announce a deepening of Blue Cedar’s partnership with BlackBerry. Effective immediately, all BlackBerry customers are enabled to use the Blue Cedar platform free of charge for non-production apps. Additionally, BlackBerry Spark or UEM subscription customers, along with ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partners can register for a free subscription, are enabled to use the Blue Cedar BlackBerry Edition and obtain the rights to BlackBerry Dynamics enable & deploy one production app binary for free. This right also allows for production usage of one BlackBerry Dynamics enabled application by an unlimited number of users. Sign up at to take advantage of this offer.

This offer is fantastic for BlackBerry Spark and UEM customers, and ISV partners. Blue Cedar BlackBerry Edition makes the process of integrating BlackBerry Dynamics into your custom or ISV provided mobile apps easy. The solution supports no code enhancement of iOS & Android apps with the following BlackBerry Dynamics features:

  •  Secure Storage
  • Secure Connectivity
  • Application Configuration
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Context Based Authentication
  • Enterprise Single Sign On
  • App Level Policy Enforcement
  • Application Watermarking
  • BlackBerry Launcher
  • Data Loss Protection
  • Detection of
    • Root / Jailbreak
    • Debugger / Emulator
    • Malware
    • Phishing
    • Insecure Wi-Fi
  • Android SafetyNet / iOS DeviceCheck
  • Safe Browsing
  • BlackBerry AppKinetics Integration
  • Application Analytics

Blue Cedar BlackBerry Edition is a SaaS-based cloud solution, so there is no infrastructure to set up or ongoing maintenance. All that you need to do is upload your Android APK or unsigned iOS IPA to your Blue Cedar BlackBerry Edition tenant, choose which features you want included in the BlackBerry Dynamics version of your app, enter any associated configuration information, and let Blue Cedar integrate BlackBerry Dynamics into your application. You can then distribute the modified binary to your BlackBerry UEM users, via the distribution mechanism of your choice.

Unlike the BlackBerry Dynamics SDKs, which you integrate into your applications at the source code level, Blue Cedar performs its BlackBerry Dynamics integration at the application binary level. There is no need for source code access. By opening this up to BlackBerry customers and ISVs, this drastically lowers the time and cost investment needed for you to maximize the number of apps that you manage via the BlackBerry Dynamics platform.  

This binary level integration approach also opens new opportunities for your development teams building applications. The Blue Cedar Platform’s binary-level approach allows your developers to take advantage of development frameworks, low code / no code app development tools, and mobile app libraries of your choice, some of which may not be supported by the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK via the source code-level approach. All this with the security you expect from a BlackBerry Marketplace partner solution like Blue Cedar.

Since source code is not needed, your developers do not need to understand BlackBerry Dynamics, implement strong enterprise or government level security at the app level, or even configure the security policies you decide to implement in your production environment as part of the app development or build process. Your developers get to focus on delivering the business value you need to transform your business, via the apps that they are developing.  

In addition to the free subscription to Blue Cedar BlackBerry Edition for your first production app binary, we are also offering all the features of the Blue Cedar Platform to BlackBerry customers and ISV at no additional charge, for non-production apps.

The full Platform provides end to end workflows that streamline the creation and delivery of secure mobile apps, from integration with your CI/CD pipeline to your app distribution channels. Additional features of the Blue Cedar Platform, beyond those included in Blue Cedar BlackBerry Edition, include:

  • Importing apps directly from CI/CD solutions such as GitLab and GitHub
  • Enhancing apps with new security functionality without writing code, such as those provided by
    • Microsoft Intune, for app security and MAM
    • Blue Cedar Enforce, for app security and MAM
    • Blue Cedar Connect in-app client, which provides a way for mobile apps to securely connect to enterprise networks
  • Preparing iOS and Android apps for signing
  • Distributing enhanced apps directly to BlackBerry UEM and Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Blue Cedar BlackBerry Edition dramatically reduces the time needed to release secure mobile apps that take advantage of BlackBerry Dynamics security and management features. This is of tremendous value to BlackBerry UEM customers and ISVs, who want to deliver valuable digital outcomes via mobile apps that manifest sensitive data. Sign up now for your free Blue Cedar BlackBerry Edition subscription at and try all the features of the Blue Cedar Platform.

 John Aisien

About John Aisien

 John Aisien is CEO of Blue Cedar