BlackBerry Dynamics SDK v10.1 is Now Generally Available

The BlackBerry Dynamics SDK v10.1 is now generally available for Android and iOS. New features include OkHttp API support, BlackBerry WebView Library enhancements and updates to WKWebView cookie and cache handling.

Dynamics Android SDK: 

The BlackBerry WebView library now supports Basic, Digest, NTLM and Kerberos authentication for website pages that require authentication. See Using the BBWebview Library for details on how to use the BlackBerry WebView library.

OkHttp API support is now available as a beta feature for the 10.1 release. OkHttp API support will simplify integration with the Dynamics SDK for those applications using more modern Android HTTP frameworks and allow application connections to be routed via the Dynamics secure tunnel.

Support is provided by new BBCustomInterceptor class that can be added when creating an OkHttpClient object, which when used will direct HTTP requests through the secure BlackBerry Dynamics communications system in the same way as the existing HttpClient API. See the BlackBerry Dynamics API guide for more information.

As this is a beta feature, there are some limitations. Please see Limitations for OkHttp Support for details.

For those Developers interested in testing OkHTTP support, we welcome your feedback, which can be provided via

Dynamics iOS SDK: 

WKHTTPCookieStore is now fully supported in this release. If a developer sets or deletes cookies by using WKHTTPCookieStore methods, the changes will also be reflected on the SDK side. This update resolves also resolves an issue where cookies set via Set-Cookie http headers were not available in the WKWebView JavaScript context.

Use of the WKWebView cache is now enabled in this release of BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS. The SDK uses the cache to search for valid cached data for resources loaded by WKWebView for performance optimization.  

A new SwiftUI sample app has been added that pairs with Basic-iOS-Swift to provide examples of iOS apps before and after integrating with BlackBerry Dynamics SDK. The two samples can be used to demonstrate features commonly used in BlackBerry Dynamics apps, such as secure file storage, secure database, and secure communication (HTTP/S and Socket). The SwiftUI sample app is available on GitHub.

For full list of changes to the SDK and software requirements, please review the release notes for the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android and for the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS.

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