The BlackBerry Dynamics SDK v9.2 for Android and iOS

The BlackBerry® Dynamics SDK v9.2 is now generally available for Android™ and iOS. Highlights include integration of the BBWebview Library and support for ASWebAuthenticationSession.

Dynamics Android SDK: 

The BlackBerry Dynamics Android SDK now includes the BBWebView library that you can use to integrate the Android WebView component with a BlackBerry Dynamics app. The BBWebview library provides a simple web content browser that provides secure access to private/corporate network resources through the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK.

The BBWebView code is available under the com.blackberry.bbwebview package name. The library is located at sdk/libs/handheld/bb_webview in the SDK package. The BBWebView library supports the following features:

  • Secure HTTP request interception for an internal network (URL loading, XML, and fetch HTTP requests)
  • Data leakage protection for cut, copy, and paste, page history navigation, and a secure cookies store
  • For more details on feature support, see Using the BBWebview Library

In order to utilize the BBWebView library, you will need to add the BBWebView library dependency to the app project dependencies. For details on how to integrate the BBWebView library, see Integrate the BBWebView library.

Dynamics iOS SDK: 

The BlackBerry Dynamics iOS SDK now supports ASWebAuthenticationSession.

The BlackBerry Dynamics implementation of ASWebAuthenticationSession uses BlackBerry Dynamics secure communication and secure storage for cookies. To protect enterprise credentials from being stored in the iOS keychain, the device user will not be able to use the Safari saved passwords feature in the embedded webview.

Initialize an instance of ASWebAuthenticationSession in your app to allow user authentication through a web service, including those operated by a third party. The page will open in a secure, embedded webview in iOS, or the user’s default browser (if it supports web authentication sessions) on macOS. For more information, see Authenticating a User Through a Web Service.

For full list of changes to the SDK and software requirements, please review the release notes for the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android and for the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS.

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