BlackBerry Dynamics SDK v9.1 is Now Generally Available

The BlackBerry Dynamics SDK v9.1 is now generally available for Android™ and iOS. This release includes support for Dynamics app activation using third party IDPs, optional cert enrollment, API enhancements and iOS SDK dynamic framework support.

Key highlights below:

  • You can now activate BlackBerry® Dynamics™ apps using Active Directory, Ping Identity and Okta through BlackBerry® Enterprise Identity. With this update, Dynamics app users can complete app activation using their organizational sign in credentials, completely within the mobile environment and without the need for a QR code or access key. For more details on configuration, see BlackBerry Enterprise Identity documentation. (Requires upgrade to UEM 12.14.)

  • Previously, users could not access a BlackBerry Dynamics app unless they completed the certificate enrollment process. In UEM version 12.14, Administrators can enable a setting in the User Credential Profile that allows users to dismiss certificate enrollment and complete later to allow access to the app. This option is available for the following connection types: Device (App) Based Provider, Entrust Smart Credential, Native Keystore.

  • Enhancements to the BlackBerry Dynamics iOS SDK cookie handling with support for NSURLSessionConfiguration property HTTPCookieStorage. Today in Dynamics, NSURLSession support uses only shared cookies storage. This update allows developers to implement their own cookie storage option. For more information, see NSURLSession Support in the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS API reference.

  • NSURLSessionDownloadTask support for downloading data in their Dynamics apps.

  • The Dynamics SDK iOS dynamic framework is now generally available. Please refer to the Dynamics SDK iOS development guide for details on using the BlackBerry Dynamics Framework. If you are currently using the BlackBerry Dynamics iOS static library and you want to migrate to using the Dynamic Framework, please refer to the development guide on steps to prepare an existing BlackBerry Dynamics app to use the dynamic framework.

Note that in this release, iOS12 and Android 7 are no longer supported. 

For full list of changes to the SDK and software requirements, please review the release notes for the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android and for the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS.

Happy coding!


Deborah Critten

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Deborah is the Director of Product Management for BlackBerry Dynamics