Connectivity profile for BlackBerry Dynamics

Almost all apps developed today need a connection to a remote server for a better in app user experience. Many companies are moving to a cloud-based solution but for privacy and security concerns some applications have on-prem servers that the app needs to connect to.

With BlackBerry Dynamics SDK you can create a connectivity profile which makes connecting to a server inside the company firewall easier than ever. BlackBerry Dynamics SDK creates a connection from the app to the server via BlackBerry UEM or BlackBerry Connectivity Node (BCN) to the enterprise network. BCN is required for UEM Cloud to route the traffic inside the virtual network. To install BCN please follow instructions here.


How to setup Connectivity Profile in UEM

Follow the steps below to create a connectivity profile for your application on UEM.

1.      Login to UEM Admin Console

2.      Go to Policies and profiles -> Network and Connections -> BlackBerry Dynamics Connectivity

3.      Click the + button to create a new profile or edit an existing one

Either you can route traffic to a specific domain through UEM by enabling default route option or by selecting a specific server for a specific application.

To add a server for an application -

1.      Click Add under App Servers

2.      Select the application

3.      Click + under the App Server for your selected application

4.      Configure the server URL.

5.      Click Save

Don’t forget to assign this policy to a user or user group.


How to Debug connection with BlackBerry Connectivity profile

When the app connects to a server using BlackBerry Connectivity Profile, you will see something like this in the device logs.

13 Apr   17:57:53.743      DBG       0x16f583000      0x283fe9780      NET        EACP      a0001    successfully connected to:{Your_Server} using:{UEM_Server}

You will also see the mention of the server in the BlackBerry Proxy logs in BCN or UEM.


If you have any questions, please ask them on Stack Overflow with the tag BlackBerry.


Happy coding!

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