The BlackBerry Dynamics SDK v8.0 for Android and iOS

The BlackBerry Dynamics SDK v8 is now generally available for Android and iOS.  This release includes enhancements to the BlackBerry Dynamics activation flow, new DLP security controls and integration of BlackBerry Analytics and BlackBerry Persona capabilities into the Dynamics SDK so no additional download is required. Key highlights below:

  • Dynamics users can now easily activate their BlackBerry Dynamics apps using an activation password, QR code or 15-digit access key.  Activation password and QR code require use of UEM version 12.13 or later.  iOS developers will need to add the key "Privacy - Camera Usage Description" with the value "Allow camera usage to scan a QR code" in the Info.plist file.  This is not required if the app already uses the camera for its own purposes.
  • BlackBerry Protect Safe Browsing has been enhanced to enable UEM administrators to allow access to or block access to specific IP addresses or IP address ranges.
  • New Android compliance rule allows detection of unlocked or unverified boot device detection
  • New iOS compliance rule allows UEM admin to detect and carry out a compliance action when a user performs a screen capture of a BlackBerry Dynamics app.
  • UIWebView support has been removed in the Dynamics SDK for iOS v8 as Apple does not accept submissions of new apps that use UIWebView. In December 2020, Apple will no longer accept app updates that use UIWebView.  Developers will need to ensure they are using WKWebview in their BlackBerry Dynamics apps instead.
  • Dynamics SDK for iOS v8 now supports UISceneDelegate protocol for managing the app UI.

For details on changes to the SDK and software requirements, please review the release notes for the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android and for the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS.

Enjoy these new features and stay safe.


P.S.  Stay tuned for details on the upcoming Android 11 and iOS 14 readiness releases which will be available in beta in early August.

Deborah Critten

About Deborah Critten

Deborah is the Director of Product Management for BlackBerry Dynamics