The BlackBerry Dynamics SDK v8.0 Beta Program for Android and iOS

The BlackBerry Dynamics SDK v8.0 beta program for Android and iOS is now open.  Preview and test new SDK features and review changes to software requirements:

Changes to SDK and software requirements


  • Uses SafeLogic CryptoComply instead of OpenSSL
  • Uses Heimdal 7.7
  • Xcode 10 support is deprecated

Note: In the next beta drop, support for UIWebView will be removed.  As of April 30, 2020, Apple no longer accepts submissions of new apps that use UIWebView.  In December 2020, Apple will no longer accept app updates that use UIWebView. As a result, support for UIWebView is removed in this release of the SDK.


  • Uses SafeLogic CryptoComply instead of OpenSSL
  • Support added for AndroidX libraries
  • Java 8 is required to build apps
  • Uses Google Play Services version 17.0.0
  • Uses Heimdal 7.7

New Features:

  • Integration of the BlackBerry Analytics SDK into the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android and iOS
  • Compliance policy to detect and report iOS screen captures
  • Watermark support for BlackBerry Dynamics Apps
  • Advance notice of Dynamics app password expiry
  • DEP and iOS user enrollment enhancement for BlackBerry Dynamics apps
  • Activate BlackBerry Dynamics apps using activation password or QR code
  • iOS Scene Delegates Support
  • SwiftUI Support
  • Enhancements for Mobile Threat Defense
  • HTTP proxy support for WKWebview

In order to participate in the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK v8.0 beta:

  1. Please log into the BlackBerry Beta Platform:, scroll down and click into the Developer - Launcher & SDKs: BD, Spark, Xamarin, Cordova beta project 
  2. Please use the Tester Resources link on the left of the Developer Beta Project to access beta code, release notes and product documentation
  3. For any issues/questions regarding this beta, please use the Feedback section on the left of the Developer Beta Project to submit any questions and/or issues

We look forward to your participation and feedback.

Deborah Critten

About Deborah Critten

Deborah is the Director of Product Management for BlackBerry Dynamics