BlackBerry Dynamics: Getting Started with Kotlin

ANNOUNCEMENTS / 10.02.19 / Mark Sohm

Are you a Kotlin developer who’s interested in getting started with BlackBerry Dynamics?  Then head over to our newly updated BlackBerry Dynamics Getting Started guide, where we’ve just included documentation on using BlackBerry Dynamics with Kotlin!

We also have two new sample applications written completely in Kotlin called GettingStartedKotlin and GettingStartedKotlinBD.  These samples mirror the existing Java GettingStarted and GettingStartedBD samples.  These new samples showcase the code changes required to integrate the most commonly used BlackBerry Dynamics features including:

  • Secure File Storage
  • Secure SQLite Databases
  • Secure Network Communication

Head on over to take a look and let us know what you think in our BlackBerry Developer Forums.

Mark Sohm

About Mark Sohm

Senior Technical Solutions Manager on the Solution Architects team.

Mark Sohm joined BlackBerry in 2003 and currently works as a Senior Technical Solutions Manager on the Solutions Architects team. Mark Sohm has been helping developers create applications using BlackBerry technologies for over 15 years, starting way back with the very first BlackBerry JDK on BlackBerry OS 3.6 through to BlackBerry 10 and now Android with BlackBerry Dynamics and Android Enterprise.