Should You Use BlackBerry Dynamics App Configuration or AppConfig?

If you are an Android or iOS developer, you are might already be aware of the app configuration standards defined by the AppConfig Community.  In case you haven’t heard of it, the AppConfig Community is a collection of EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution providers and app developers that have come together to define standards for mobile enterprise app development.  BlackBerry is a member of the AppConfig Community and BlackBerry UEM fully supports the app configuration standards defined by that community.  Since that is the case, you may wonder why you would consider also supporting BlackBerry Dynamics app configuration.  Building once for all EMMs is an easier solution than building for multiple EMM solutions.

According to the specification, the device must be managed to support the AppConfig standard. That requires using Android Enterprise for an Android device or Managed Device for iOS.

BlackBerry Dynamics is a MAM (Mobile Application Management) solution that can be deployed to a managed or non-managed device.  This is the key use case.  A BlackBerry Dynamics app policy can apply to apps deployed to both managed and unmanaged devices. vs BlackBerry Dynamics App Configuration


Can Configure My App?

Supported by BlackBerry UEM?

Requires MDM?




BlackBerry Dynamics
App Configuration




In addition to not requiring a managed device configuration, BlackBerry Dynamics app configuration has an additional benefit.  The configuration data is stored securely within BlackBerry Dynamics secure storage, keeping potentially sensitive data secure. 

Ultimately, the decision on which one to use will depend on your customers and what deployment model they are using.  Customers deploying managed devices can use AppConfig, but those using MAM will require BlackBerry Dynamics app configuration.  So get out there and talk to your customers to find out which option fulfills their needs.

For more information on creating a custom BlackBerry Dynamics app configuration, refer to my earlier blog post: Custom App Policies in Good Dynamics Applications

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