Is Your App Enterprise-Ready?

How to Configure App Configuration in BlackBerry UEM

Many enterprise apps require various app configurations to connect to enterprise services and databases, such as user name, email address,  server URL and port. Asking users to set those manually could negatively affect the app adoption rate and user experience.  

One approach to solve the problem is following the community scheme. The AppConfig community provides developers with guidelines and best-practices to configure enterprise mobile apps that are managed by EMM solution providers. 

BlackBerry UEM supports enterprise apps following the AppConfig standards to deliver custom configuration values to applications with iOS managed configurations and Android app restrictions. For development guide, check out the links below. AppConfig community published on how to develop apps that support standards.

Once your app is enterprise ready with the standards, the next step is to configure BlackBerry UEM to support your app configuration. 

In the UEM console, you can create app configuration settings for your app or get the pre-configured settings when adding apps to UEM depending on the type of apps. See the following for detail:

For more information about app configuration in BlackBerry UEM, visit BlackBerry UEM online help -Adding or changing an app configuration

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