Deep Linking to an Enterprise App Store

The June 2019 release of BlackBerry UEM Client and BlackBerry Access provides a new feature that allows a link to open the enterprise app store to a specific app.  This can support use cases such as:

  • An app provides a URL to open the enterprise app store to install an upgrade of itself.
  • An email is sent that contains a URL for the user to click on to install or update an app.
  • User browses to a web page with a URL to open the enterprise app store to a specific app.
  • User scans a QR card that contains a URL to install or upgrade an app.

Any scenario that allows the user or an app to open a URL could be used here.

Creation of the URL requires one or both native identifiers for Android and iOS apps.  The URL must contain an identifier for at least one platform to be valid.  The URL uses the following format:

Uemappstore://openAppDetails?iosId=<iOS Bundle ID>&androidId=<Android Package Name>

  • <iOS Bundle ID> - Refers to the bundle ID of the iOS app.
  • <Android Package Name>  - Refers to the Android Package Name of the Android app.


  • iOS and Android app that share the same identifier:
  • iOS and Android app with different identifiers:
  • An iOS app only:
  • An Android app only:

When the user clicks on the link, they are taken to the appropriate enterprise app store, which could be the BlackBerry UEM Client, BlackBerry Access or Google Play Work.  Knowledge of which app store to use is not required when creating the URL or by the user when clicking on it.  BlackBerry UEM Client or BlackBerry Access will handle the invocation appropriately based on the user’s configuration.

Now get out there and make use of this feature to help your users more easily discover, install and upgrade apps deployed internally within your organization!

Mark Sohm

About Mark Sohm

Senior Technical Solutions Manager on the Solution Architects team.

Mark Sohm joined BlackBerry in 2003 and currently works as a Senior Technical Solutions Manager on the Solutions Architects team. Mark Sohm has been helping developers create applications using BlackBerry technologies for over 15 years, starting way back with the very first BlackBerry JDK on BlackBerry OS 3.6 through to BlackBerry 10 and now Android with BlackBerry Dynamics and Android Enterprise.