Sprinting into Spring with New BlackBerry Dynamics SDK Beta v.6.0 for Android and iOS!

Athletes at the sprint start line in track and field.

Looking for something new for the Spring season? Now’s your chance to step up to the starting line as our Developers can now preview the upcoming BlackBerry Dynamics SDK v.6.0 features via the Developer beta project.


Please check out the following new features and more:

  • GDCryptoPKCS7.h : New APIs that enable signing and verification of messages or documents, such as PDFs.
  • New Autofill-Block-iOS API to block the password autofill feature in the BlackBerry Dynamics application UI.
  • New executeBlock, executeUnblock APIs to support local block/unblock compliance actions
  • New iOS Background Authorize restricted API that allows programmatic unlock of an iOS BlackBerry Dynamics container in the background to allow certain operations without user intervention.


In order to participate in the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK v.6.0 beta:

  1. Please log into the BlackBerry Beta Platform:, scroll down and click into the Developer - Launcher & SDKs: BD, Spark, Xamarin, Cordova beta project
  2. Please use the Tester Resources link on the left of the Developer Beta Project to access beta code, release notes and product documentation
  3. For any issues/questions regarding this beta, please use the Feedback section on the left of the Developer Beta Project to submit any questions and/or issues


We look forward to your participation and feedback.

Deborah Critten

About Deborah Critten

Deborah is the Director of Product Management for BlackBerry Dynamics