Streamlining Multiple Consoles with BlackBerry’s UEM Integration SDK

A typical enterprise administrator uses two or more consoles for products that allows them to do their daily job. In many cases these products are related and tasks performed are for same target audience in terms of users, devices, policies, applications and many others management items.

What if there was a solution that allows you to seamlessly bring these multiple consoles into a single pane of glass?

BlackBerry’s UEM Integration SDK is exactly the tool you need to seamlessly bring multiple administration consoles into one: the UEM Administration Console.

Here are a are some screen shots demonstrating this with UEM, and BlackBerry AtHoc, two separate products originally. Below, as of UEM 12.8, you can now include AtHoc right in the UEM admin console.

UEM Administration Console:

Notification Service Administration Console:

A Unified Administration Console:

The seamless integration of console of an external product with UEM Admin Console is possible due to a framework provided by UEM Integration SDK which allows you to:

1) Write a custom plugin for UEM

2) Create UI screens for your product/service using custom plugin

3) Develop/test custom plugin using familiar development environment

4) Deploy custom plugin using platform deployer into UEM server

What do you need to do:

1) Download UEM Integration SDK

2) Download UEM

3) Code away

For additional information go here:

What do you need to know:

1) Java programming

2) GWT programming

3) Eclipse environment

4) Code away

For additional information visit:

If you can write Java and GWT code, then its a breeze to put together a seamlessly integrated UI for your product. See the screenshots for yourself:

Create a new custom plugin:

Develop and deploy custom plugin in local/development UEM:

Deploy custom plugin to a production UEM:

Next step:

For comprehensive documentation for UEM Integration SDK visit:


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