Popular BlackBerry Dynamics Shared Services

Three of the most popular BlackBerry Dynamics Shared Services are Directory lookup, File transfer, and Send email. If you are not using Services now, you definitely want to think about using them in your application. I thought I would share a sample with you demonstrating these services and BEMS (BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server), so you can get started quickly and easily. Here is the link to the GitHub sample. Note – I am an iOS fan, so this sample is only iOS. Android developers can refer to the Android Directory Lookup sample posted in this previous blog post: Integrate BEMS Directory Lookup Service into Your Application

Here is the marketplace description for these services:

Directory Lookup – a BlackBerry Dynamics Server-Based Service for access to specific attributes from Active Directory. It is provided by the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server (BEMS).

File Transfer Service – for transferring a copy of a file from one application to a second application.

Send email service – for sending Email through BlackBerry Dynamics Email App Client.

Sample Requirements

  1. A BlackBerry UEM server.
  2. BEMS server (for Directory Lookup service only)

After You Download the Sample

  1. You will have to change the GDApplicationId in the info.plist file to your own unique identifier.
  2. Add the entitlement for the GDApplicationId to UEM.
    • Login to UEM Admin Console.
    • Click Apps and then click on the “Add an App” icon.
    • Select “Internal BlackBerry Dynamics app entitlements”
    • Fill out the form (pictured below)
    • Make sure that the Dynamics entitlement ID and Dynamics entitlement version match in the info.plist file from the app.
  3. Select the app you just added in UEM and under “BlackBerry Dynamics” Tab you will see the versions section with the Dynamics entitlement version you entered in 2d. Click on the version.
  4. Expand and select the following services.
    • Send Email Service
    • Transfer File Service
    • Directory Service
  5. Click Save
  6. You will see those services in the “Service Bindings” of the Versions section (as pictured below).
  7. Entitle the Dynamics entitlement to the user.

Test Application

To test File transfer service and Send email service you will have to install BlackBerry Work and activate it with the same user you activated the sample app.

To test Directory Lookup service, you will have to install and configure BEMS server with UEM.

Happy Coding!

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