BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS: Required Build Configuration Changes in Version 4.2

ANNOUNCEMENTS / 10.18.18 / EK Choi

Hello BlackBerry developers!

A new version of the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS(4.2.x) is now available. This release adds readiness support for the iOS 12 operating system and supports secure WKWebView.

I am sure you are excited to upgrade your BlackBerry Dynamics application projects to the latest SDK. I would like to make your transition even more effortless by sharing build configurations changes for BlackBerry Dynamics applications.

After updating the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK to the latest version 4.2.x, apply following changes for your projects to avoid build errors.

WebKit Framework

The BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS version 4.2 and later supports secure WKWebView for displaying interactive web content. To support this new feature in BlackBerry Dynamics apps, you need to add WebKit.framework to your projects.

Xcode10 Build System

In Xcode10, Apple made few changes to its build system. If you are using Xcode 10, you need to replace the paths for LDPLUSPLUS and LD in the default.xcconfig as below.

LDPLUSPLUS=$(HOME)/Library/Application Support/BlackBerry/Good.platform/iOS/FIPS_module/$FIPS_PACKAGE/bin/gd_fipsld

LD=$(HOME)/Library/Application Support/BlackBerry/Good.platform/iOS/FIPS_module/$FIPS_PACKAGE/bin/gd_fipsld

Note that the tilde(~) is replaced with $(Home) in the path.

Alternatively, you can apply the “Legacy Build System” instead of the “New Build System(Default)” in your project’s Project Settings.

To learn more about this update, download the latest BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS in the BlackBerry Developer site and check out the release notes of the version 4.2 as well as Build Configuration for iOS.

Hope this helps! Stay tuned for our next blog!



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