What’s New in BlackBerry UEM Version 12.8 REST APIs

There have been some powerful additions to the 12.8 REST APIs that allow more remote control over devices and let you query the UEM server about items such as license usage. Some highlights include the ability to remotely generate access keys for BlackBerry Dynamics apps, retrieve license information for servers and apps, and retrieve a list of assigned and installed apps on devices.

Another exciting addition is the new “commands” API.  One version allows you to send commands to a Dynamics app.  The other lets you sends commands to a user’s device.

POST /{tenantGuid}/api/v1/users/{userGuid}/userDevices/{userDeviceGuid}/commands

allows you to remotely send BlackBerry UEM commands to a device.

For example, you can remotely lock a device if it has been lost or stolen. The following code sample shows you how to remotely delete device data and set a new password.


   "type" : "DELETE_DEVICE_DATA",

   "properties" : {

     "password" : "cEA1NXcwcmQ=",



For a complete list of all of the additions to the 12.8 REST APIs, see the BlackBerry Web Services for BlackBerry UEM Release Notes.

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