Attention Developers: Check out how to integrate Azure AD and Microsoft Graph into your application running BlackBerry Spark Communications Platform

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Real-time communications across devices and platforms are becoming enterprise table stakes and Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) tools like the BlackBerry Spark Communications Platform are key enablers of the productivity and collaboration gains businesses are constantly seeking.

Built on our strong history in secure mobile messaging, Spark allows developers to quickly integrate secure voice, video, messaging, and data sharing services into their apps. Via Spark, your business can reach its full communications potential without having to expend resources maintaining a back-end or building custom features. And we’re always on the lookout for ways to give you more options in that regard.

Here at BlackBerry, we understand that customers may already have Microsoft solutions deployed to manage contacts and user authentication. We want to make it easier to integrate those services with Spark—so you can quickly innovate and provide new capabilities for your growing set of users.

That’s why we’re pleased to demonstrate just how you can integrate Microsoft Azure AD and Microsoft Graph to power your secure app development journey. We have provided you with some sample codes to see this in action.

 Azure AD for Identity Management

Your workers probably use multiple apps across multiple devices on an average workday. Without an effective identity management solution, handling authentication for those apps is a nightmare for both end-users and IT.

Spark integrates with Azure AD to easily authenticate and associate users with their accounts.

Check out our code sample that demonstrates how Spark can be used with Azure AD to provide a cloud-based identity provider for a customer’s application.

Microsoft Graph for User Data Management

With app development, you need to be sure that your workers’ data are connected to services, to yield a seamless integrated experience. The Microsoft Graph API connects your Spark apps to the necessary data –such as mail, calendar, contacts, and directory—allowing developers easily to facilitate powerful communications.

Check out our code sample that demonstrates how to integrate the Microsoft Graph API into your Spark app.

Security All Around

With Spark, your messages are protected from being viewed or modified by anyone other than the sender and intended recipients.

To keep your data safe, the cryptographic keys used to protect those communications are stored and distributed via a cloud key storage system of your choice that satisfies our requirement. If you are using Microsoft services, one way to go is with Microsoft Cosmos DB.

With superior security, unmatched reliability, and rich chat features, Spark offers your business everything it needs to keep employees and customers connected and communicating. No matter what your industry or use case, BlackBerry’s got you covered. And we’ll help you keep every single message, data stream, and call secure.

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To learn more about embedding real-time communications into your apps and services, visit the BlackBerry Spark Communications Platform Website.

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