Introducing the BBM Enterprise SDK – Secure, Mobile-Native Voice, Video, and Messaging for Apps

A Ready-Made Global IP-Based Communications Platform for Developers.

BBM Enterprise SDK is a complete development solution for securely building, scaling and operating enterprise-grade communications functionality into high-performance applications. It offers a software developer kit (SDK) to enable developers to embed secure enterprise-grade IP messaging, communications and collaboration functionality into their own applications and services in a simple, reliable, scalable and cost-efficient manner.

For more about the launch of BBM Enterprise, see our Inside BlackBerry blog.

What can you start with today? At launch, we have support for iOS and Android.  Simply pick your preference, fire up your preferred IDE and start here.

Once you have signed up, the Developer community support is here.

What can you do with this? When you are signing up you will identify a domain for your application (the identifier for your app to be recognized by the BBM Enterprise Infrastructure). You can then start building apps using that domain, including message/ voice chat/video chat, etc.


We include several examples when you download the SDK.

For Android:

  • Common (sample api’s)
  • Rich Chat
  • Setup (authentication tutorial)
  • SetupGoogleOpenID (shows how to use Googles Open ID as an example)
  • Simple Chat

For iOS:

  • BBMESampleApp (same content as Rich Chat on Android)

Have a look at them all, but dive into Rich Chat, to see many of the features available now in the SDK.


Ed Bourne

About Ed Bourne

Ed Bourne brings over 10 years of experience in mobility as a Sr. Enterprise Solutions Manager at BlackBerry. Ed manages the technical partnerships with some of our largest Strategic Partners and Customers, helping to foster BlackBerry expertise and bring a compelling mobile experience to our joint customers.