BlackBerry Workspaces SDK: Securely Store, Share and Synchronize Documents

ANNOUNCEMENTS / 06.20.17 / BlackBerry

BlackBerry Workspaces SDK Version 5.6 is now available that includes a number of new features for Enterprise Developers.

With Workspaces, users can securely share files with others. File owners maintain full control of each file that they share, including permissions to view, print, copy and download a file. For example, file owners can change access permissions, set a file expiration date, or revoke access to a file at any time even after a file is shared with devices beyond your organization’s control.

For more info about BlackBerry Workspaces, see our product website.

Enterprise developers can build apps that integrate access to Workspaces using the BlackBerry Workspaces REST API or Java/ .Net SDK.

In version 5.6 we release updated documentation, implemented enhancements, and added the following features:

  1. Exposing transient workspaces APIs
  2. Improving handling of annotations in the SDK
  3. Improving built-in logging of the .net SDK
  4. Preparing future compatibility with not-yet-released server versions

For more developer resources on BlackBerry Workspaces SDK or getting started, please visit BlackBerry Developer Community website.



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