iOS: App Configuration Samples for BlackBerry Dynamics Apps

Hello enterprise app developers!

We are excited to announce that we have posted new iOS samples in our BlackBerry GitHub repository. These samples demonstrate how to develop and implement the Application Specific Policy for your BlackBerry Dynamics apps, following the existing Android and Cordova samples.

New samples are available in Objective-C and Swift in the links below:

The Configurator in Objective-C

The Configurator in Swift

BlackBerry Dynamics applications can define application specific configurations and policies in XML format – i.e. your application server address that can be different for users or app specific permissions that can be controlled by IT admins.

For a custom dynamics app, the application specific policy file can be uploaded directly onto BlackBerry UEM or Good Control, and then applied remotely to configure an application. For an ISV partner application, the file can be uploaded via its partner organization space and then it would be deployed onto the UEM/GC servers that the application is published.

When an IT admin changes any policies or configurations of the application, the changes will be pushed down to its app, and the app will be alerted automatically when the updated policy arrives. The app can also access the policy settings by calling the:

  • getApplicationPolicy and
  • getApplicationPolicyString 

functions in the BlackBerry Dynamics Runtime object API.

For more information, refer to the following post on the BlackBerry Developer Blog: Custom App Policies in BlackBerry Dynamics Applications.

Additionally, the API Reference can be found here in the BlackBerry Developer Community.

That’s it for now. Happy Coding!

EK Choi

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