Building Business Apps with BlackBerry: Integrating BlackBerry Integrity Detection into Your Apps (Video)

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Here at BlackBerry, privacy and security are deeply engrained into the minds of all of us who bring you a productive, and secure mobility experience. As an Android developer, you too can make use of BlackBerry’s renowned software security expertise, by integrating your applications with BlackBerry Integrity Detection (BID). The BID framework offers an on-device library that allows developers to quickly and easily add customizable layers of security to their applications.

BID Overview:

BlackBerry Integrity Detection (BID) is a service provided by BlackBerry that vigilantly monitors the security of the device. Technically speaking, this service is a background system process that can detect compromises in the system since the last factory reset occurred. Currently, the BID engine provides reports to the user via the DTEK application. Some of you may recognize this app as the ‘dashboard’ for BlackBerry Android devices, which provides users with the status of the device’s operating system, hardware integrity, data encryption, and so much more. But the BID engine is also available to third-party developers who want to run their own BID reports. These reports can provide a developer with peace of mind before executing tasks such as prompting for login credentials, MDM/EMM monitoring, displaying private information, and initializing an NFC transaction/mobile payment (just to mention a few). Because the BID library is so easy to use, developers are free to make creative use of this API and run a BID report whenever they see fit.




Easy Integration:

BID can be leveraged by any third-party app developer to verify the security of the device running their application. Get started by importing the BID Helper package into your project, which can be found within our BlackBerry Developer Github Repository. The functionality for obtaining status reports from the BID content provider is offered through the BIDHelperAndroid class. Developers only need to use this helper API to ensure that they can handle system events and use BID reports in a meaningful way.

We offer several sample applications on our BlackBerry Github page to help you get started with integrating BID into your application. Also, please check out the video below that demonstrates a basic example of how to leverage the BID services to secure a simple login interface. Once again, this code is available in the BlackBerry Developer Github Repository.

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