Why do BlackBerry Dynamics Apps Matter?


Business Benefits

BlackBerry Dynamics is architected to give IT fine-grained control of applications. IT admins provide entitlement and provisioning of apps to users which can be revoked at any time. IT compliance policies determine which device models, operating systems and operating system versions are permitted in the corporate environment. Security policies set required password characteristics, idle timeout values and data leakage prevention controls. Custom per application policies can be provided by developers and used by admins. Detection of jailbroken or rooted devices is built into the SDK library. Security enforcement is available to the admin with the ability to lock or wipe applications.

Corporate assets accessed by mobile devices are protected. Data and applications are protected while in use by the BlackBerry Dynamics APIs. Data at rest within an app and in transit between the app and company repositories is encrypted. If a device is lost or stolen, the applications and data can be effectively removed.

 BlackBerry Dynamics is sufficiently flexible to handle all user models. Bring Your Own Device, Corporate Owned Personally Enabled and Choose Your Own Device are all supported. To enable these models, management is done at the application level.

Development Benefits

 Platform built-ins of BlackBerry Dynamics reduce the development cost of securing apps. User identification and authentication are implemented in the SDK library requiring no programmer coding. The BlackBerry Dynamics infrastructure provides a secure tunnel to enterprise resources behind the firewall. No VPN is needed. The infrastructure components including the Network Operating Center and servers are hidden from the developer. The servers are designed with high availability and disaster recovery capabilities.

The BlackBerry APIs are designed for ease of development and security. They are similar to their native counterparts implementing secure, encrypted versions of familiar functionality: file system, database, core data (iOS only), HTTP/S and sockets. The encryption is FIPS 140-2 compliant and includes TLS and AES. The APIs are designed to be swappable with the native APIs or require little to no changes of the code.

These capabilities enable the developer to focus on the user experience and business processes with security and enterprise readiness provided by BlackBerry Dynamics. Reusable shared services allow apps to be built faster and cheaper with increased user stickiness. The Services framework simplifies app interactions in business workflows.

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Richard Schaefer

About Richard Schaefer

Richard is an SME for BlackBerry Dynamics and its ISV ecosystem on the Enterprise Solutions team where he on boards ISVs and certifies their applications for the BlackBerry Marketplace.