LIVE Enterprise Developer Webcast: Secure Multimedia Playback for Android Apps with BlackBerry Dynamics

WEBCASTS / 04.20.17 / BlackBerry

Join us! for the this LIVE BlackBerry Enterprise Developer Webcast to learn how to keep all of your media content data secure while it’s at Rest and in Use.

Learn how you can play audio and video files stored in the BlackBerry Dynamics secure file system without the need of copying to a temporary, intermediate unsecure location.

In this Webcast we will demonstrate and walk through the code you can replicate for two different examples in which this can be done:

1:  Uses a custom MediaDataSource for playback using the Android MediaPlayer.

2:  Uses the popular open source ExoPlayer media player with a custom ExoPlayer DataSource.

WHEN: April 27, 2017 at 11:00 AM ET

Register for this Webcast HERE.


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