New Cordova Getting Started Guides for BlackBerry Dynamics

Building apps with the BlackBerry Dynamics Plugins for Cordova just got easier with the addition of our updated Getting Started Guide for Cordova!

Recently our developer website received a major update in the form up Cordova content. Developers can now follow a brand new getting started guide which will walk them through all the steps necessary to secure their Cordova based applications with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK.

The guide covers every aspect of developing:

  • Choosing which platform is right to build on
  • Installation and Configuration of the tools
  • Development / Integration of the Plugins
  • How to Test and Deploy your application
  • Success and Next Steps

Of course, the best way to test out the Getting Started Guide is to start building apps today! Head over to the developer website and try the Getting Started Guide for yourself.

Getting Started Guide for Cordova

Chad Tetreault

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A developer at heart, I’ve been coding in some shape or form since the age of 13. Nowadays I focus on building awesome cross-platform (Android, iOS, BlackBerry) mobile web applications powered by Cordova, JavaScript, and AngularJS.