LIVE Enterprise Developer Webcast: Creating secure, cross-platform, enterprise applications using the new BlackBerry Dynamics Plugins for Cordova

WEBCASTS / 03.27.17 / BlackBerry

Join us, as a member of the BlackBerry Solution Architect team guides you through an interactive journey on how to quickly secure your application using the new BlackBerry Dynamics Plugins for Cordova. We’ll be covering everything from Getting Started with the tools, setting up your environment, debugging, and most importantly working with the Plugins. Whether you’re new to BlackBerry Dynamics development, or a veteran, this live coding demo will offer you an inside perspective on how to quickly and efficiently build apps using our Cordova Plugins.

We will explore:

  • Installation & Configuration of the tools
  • Integrating the BlackBerry Dynamics Plugins
  • Testing & Deploying
  • Key Development Resources

WHEN: March 28, 2017 at 11:00 AM ET

Register and Join the Webcast HERE.


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