BlackBerry World Spring App Picks


Birdie Up:

The wait is finally over! The first flowers and grasses awaken from hibernation and a cute little birdie too. After the long winter, it is hard to make the first flight attempt. Birdie Up is a simple yet addictive game. With a tap on the screen, the tiny bird makes a flap with its wings. The faster you tap, the faster the bird flies above and you get a bonus score. Try to get as high you can to beat your own high score and don´t be too upset if you lose. After all, it is spring time.

РicMix for BlackBerry 10:

A picture is worth a thousand words, but multiple pictures in fancy frames, text caption and photo effects, are worth a MILLION stories. This spring, capture the beauty of all the blossom with PicMix. Combine your favorite photos into custom frames, finish it with a touch of fancy effects and share it with your friends on social media. You can even set it as your BBM™ or Twitter profile pictures. With many more features to play with, capture the scenery this spring and bring it to life with PicMix.


Springy is a fun little pet that likes to nibble on your finger. Playing this addictive game will wear your fingerprints off your fingers. Just move your finger around the screen for 20 seconds so he can’t touch it. If you lift your finger off the screen or move it into the status bar area, then the game is over. The closer Springy gets to your finger, the more points you get. Occasionally, a wall will randomly appear. Bounce Springy off the walls to get extra points. This spring, enjoy this enjoyable time passer on those rainy days.

Rainy Day Theme: (BBOS only)

With the change in seasons it is only right to spice up the look of your BlackBerry device. So, this spring enjoy the monsoon with the Rainy Day Theme. This amazingly beautiful theme consists of rain falling on the ground and the beautiful wet glass wallpaper refreshes your mood and mind from all the outside noise. With features like high quality pictures, new clean and beautiful OS7 icons, and custom in call and outbound screens, your BBOS device will look as mesmerizing as ever!

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