BlackBerry Dynamics Cordova Plugins released!

BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for various platforms was released recently and included are some great improvements to our Cordova support!

Previously a script called was used to “enable” Cordova based apps. While it got the job done well, it could at times prove to be a challenging process. Today that has changed.

Introducing: BlackBerry Dynamics Plugins for Cordova
The challenge at hand was to integrate the BlackBerry Dynamics tools with Cordova based applications in an easy, familiar way. We decided to leverage the powerful, already existing, Cordova Plugin system which easily allows for managing plugins.

How is the Plugin Approach better?
The plugin approach offers the developer seamless integration of the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK into their Cordova apps using an already familiar command line interface.

Why more than one Plugin?
Unlike the single script, there are several BlackBerry Dynamics plugins modularized for a different service. This provides the developer more gainular control over what plugins and resources are added to the project.

Although there are several plugins they all depend on one “cordova-plugin-bbd-base” plugin that contains all the basic configurations and as such, is the only plugin that will require the one-time steps during initial setup.

There is also the option to install all available plugins at once by adding the “cordova-plugin-bbd-all” plugin to the project.

With this plugin approach, utilizing the BlackBerry Dynamics features and services couldn’t be easier. Whether you are a veteran developer or new to Cordova, it’s a good time to start discovering the realm of mobile enterprise security using BlackBerry Dynamics.

For more information about the plugins and services check out the documentation at

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