BlackBerry UEM Version 12.6: What’s New for Enterprise Developers

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BlackBerry UEM version 12.6 is a service pack (SP) update of the EMM solution formerly known as BES12.

BlackBerry UEM version 12.6 introduces BlackBerry UEM Web Services, which are a collection of REST APIs that you can use to create applications to manage your organization’s environment. The following REST APIs are available.

API name Behavior
Activation passwords User activation password management.
Applications Provides access and management of applications.
Company directories Provides management functions for company directories.
Email templates Email templates are used for sending activation information or compliance violation notification emails.
Groups Provides access and management of groups.
Ping Used to determine if the server is up and available.
Profiles Profiles provide the ability to assign functionality to a user or group.
Users Provides user management functions.
Utilities Provides unauthenticated utility methods.

To read the REST API documentation, check out the documents here.

For a full list of what’s new in BlackBerry UEM 12.6, check out the “Overview and what’s new” section.

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