Folia and BlackBerry: Better Document Collaboration for Today’s Connected Enterprise

DTEK50 / 11.18.16 / BVE

To get things done in today’s connected mobile enterprise, employees need collaboration tools that work like they do: on the go, from multiple devices, and that connect seamlessly across all of the software, websites, and platforms they and their colleagues use every day.

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While Google Docs is a heavy hitter in the world of content sharing, the Folia app from our partner Branchfire is giving it some healthy competition in the collaboration app space. Folia puts mobility, interconnectivity, and relativity first. It enables users to directly annotate PDFs, Microsoft Office files, RTFs, images, Google Docs files, and other content, then share their ideas and gather feedback from team members in a simplified and open environment. Also, because it integrates with OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox, Folia collaborators can pull in other content to communicate more effectively.


Folia enables users to convey their ideas and their work through natural, easy-to-use communication tools. One of its best features is the ability to let teams review and share feedback directly within a single workspace. Your inbox will no longer be inundated with lengthy and confusing email threads. It also promotes a paperless work environment by avoiding the need to print out documents for feedback sessions.

It’s this interactivity and “real-feel” approach to content creation and sharing in Folia that enables employees to be more productive. Because it’s a cross-platform service, it seamlessly connects collaborators, whether they’re using Android, iOS, Chrome OS, or any web browser.

foliaappicon2048Even so, you’ll find the most secure and productive Folia experience on BlackBerry’s secure Android devices, PRIV, DTEK50 and now DTEK60. All have security built-in from the start, delivering prevention over apprehension, pure and simple. On the hardware side, BlackBerry has established a hardware root of trust and a hardened Linux kernel to lock down the device. On the software side, BlackBerry is committed to deploying Android updates that patch security bugs faster than any other Android device maker.

This commitment to privacy and security is what makes BlackBerry’s approach to Android the best for consumers and businesses alike. DTEK50 and PRIV reduce the opportunities for eavesdroppers to steal private data in the files that your team is reviewing. Folia helps you share content with your colleagues; BlackBerry keeps those conversations secure, and productivity wins.

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