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ANNOUNCEMENTS / 09.30.16 / BlackBerry

Blog post written by: Kenzie Nelligan

Here’s the latest video blog review of some of the exciting Dev news and updates that was originally released in our newsletter on September 15th 2016. To ensure you stay in the loop with the latest and greatest from BlackBerry sign up for our Enterprise Apps Newsletter HERE.

New Developer Site Launch

The new developer site has been launched with all new material allowing developers to reach their enterprise clients. The site focuses on streamlining the developer experience and making the transition to the good dynamics SDK and future platform solutions from BlackBerry as easy as possible. To check out some of the sites resources like the webcast library, code samples, instructional videos and a getting started section check out the website here:

Good Dynamics SDK Update

The Good Dynamics SDK has recently been update to support Android N and iOS 10, developers looking to target Apple devices running iOS 10 and Android devices running Android N can re-compile their applications using the latest version of the Good Dynamics SDK. The Good Dynamics SDK can be updated through Xcode or Android Studio.

DTEK50 Release

The most secure Android device ever is here. At a very reasonable price point, the DTEK50 runs Android 6.0 on a comfortable 5.2 inch touch screen. The device also receives industry leading monthly security patch updates.

Hub+ Availability for Android Devices

The Blackberry Hub+ application extends our expertise in enterprise productivity by bringing the BlackBerry Hub unified inbox experience to the entire Android ecosystem. Now all Android 5.0 marshmallow devices can enjoy the Hub. The Hub brings your enterprise e-mail and personal e-mail together along with any social or chat apps to the same inbox allowing you to manage all of your messages in one effective place in a secure manner. Just search for BlackBerry Hub+ on your device in the Google Play store.

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