Developer Hero Program Launches


I’m excited to launch a new program to reward our amazing developer community for building new BlackBerry 10 applications. If you have an app in the works, or a new idea you have been pondering for a while, now is the time to finish the job and be part of the Developer Hero Program!

The Developer Hero Program will help you get your app noticed and downloaded. Selected apps will each receive a total of 6 months being featured on BlackBerry World, including, but not limited to, the Feature Carousel, Apps/Games Carousel, Developer Feature (featuring all of the developer’s apps), Grouped Features, Staff Picks list and more! We’ll also promote the selected apps on our blogs and social media, as we have done for Oliver Martinez, Jerome Carty, Brian Scheirer, Alessandro Bellotti and Michael Muth. Additionally, selected developers will be featured on for a 2-week period.

The program starts today and any new app will be eligible for selection. The app needs to:

  • be new to BlackBerry and cannot be an upgrade to an existing app in BlackBerry World
  • have the BlackBerry 10 experience and be built using BlackBerry Native/Cascades or WebWorks.

The program is open until July 28, 2016. Two weeks after close, we’ll select the top three developer applications that qualify for the program.

How to submit:

Any new app submitted after June 2 will be automatically eligible. No need to enter any special criteria. When your app is approved we’ll send you an email confirming it is eligible.

Selection Criteria:

Apps and games submitted for the Developer Hero Program will be evaluated on a range of tests and criteria as follows:

  1. be newly-created applications, not previously released on BlackBerry World
  2. built using BlackBerry 10 Native/Cascades or WebWorks™ HTML5
  3. perform all tasks as outlined in the description
  4. not be made using a tool/template, or simply launch a web page

Further to this, the winning applications will be rated on:

  1. User Experience – focus on form factor, content, gestures and navigation
  2. Security – focus on data security, password protection and clear transactions
  3. Localization – multi-language support is recommended
  4. Downloads and reviews for a two week period after approval

Remember, all new submissions are automatically considered, so all you need to do is simply submit your new application for review no later than midnight (ET) on July 28th, 2016.

Good luck and happy developing!


About BVE

Bryan Van Engelen has been with BlackBerry since 2010. He is part of the Developer Programs and Outreach team, focusing on customer and developer engagement and support. @bve21