Building a Cross Platform, Salesforce Powered, Contact List App


Recently I was tasked with building a new proof-of-concept app, which is nothing new for me as I’m all about building POCs. It’s a lot of fun, a great opportunity to hone my coding skills, and to show-off just a bit 🙂

The app is pretty simple over-all. At a very high-level it authenticates with via OAuth, performs a custom SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) query and gracefully outputs the JSON data. This provides the user with a clean and crisp contact list app populated with contacts from their SFDC cases.

After the JSON is parsed and loaded into view, the user is able to navigate to Contacts, User Profile, Accounts, or Account Profile views. From the Profile view(s) the user is able to act on a couple intents to either place a phone call, or email the contact.

The proof of concept app also comes with an Angular directive. The directive allows a user to tap on a contacts avatar and “select” them. This is useful in scenarios where you’d like to perform bulk actions to contact several people at once.


As always, with my samples and proof of concept apps, the source code is open source and available on GitHub under the Apache license.

View the Salesforce Contact List source code on GitHub.

Is there something missing that you’d like to see? Is my code awful? Get in touch with me on Twitter (@chadtatro) and let me know!

Chad Tetreault

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