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Guest blog post by: Marlon Cruces

Smart Management Application (SMA) as the name implies, is the best smart solution in the market for the administration of the operation of international logistic companies, from when the customer does their shopping in different stores such as Amazon and eBay, until the client receives the purchases at their door.

SMA is divided in two main components:

  • The operation component in which the logistic company has complete control from the arrival of the package to the warehouse to the administration of its racks, packages consolidation, air cargo and, coming soon, sea cargo. This component also includes a creation module of BOX (virtual address) totally free and personalized reports with dynamic graphics (business Intelligence for decision makers). It can also manage clients, countries, and agents, unlimited without any extra fee.
  • The user component, which is called “My Lobby”, is a normal client as well as an enterprise client. It has all the information of the packages (tracking, billing, taxes, customs and more). This component counts with its own mobile app of tracking and administration.

sma3The entire operation is backed by mobiles apps for BlackBerry, Android, and iOS, all of which fall under the security of BES12. Each mobile device has its own Secure Work Space, in which all the apps run, such as Merchandise Receipt in Main Warehouse, Manifest creation, PickUp Service, and Deliver Prove. This one comes with signature, photo, and geolocation with a geoportal. Information, such as location of the delivery, is shown in real-time.

In conclusion, the software architecture is designed to run under any mobile device and touches on principles of the Internet of Things (IOT). It is easy, scalable and most importantly connects to almost every device within automation processes and robotics solutions, such as weights, cranes and others. This opens the doors to a fast-growing group of companies trusting their information and secure apps with BlackBerry’s technology.

For more information, visit the websites of SMA Cargo and 3in Labs Technologies.
You can also contact Marlon Cruces on Twitter.


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