Secure Work Space: iOS 9.3 Compatibility Update

ANNOUNCEMENTS / 03.18.16 / BlackBerry

Apple is introducing changes in iOS 9.3 that require BlackBerry to update the Secure Work Space security model and the corresponding Secure Work Space apps. As BlackBerry works to complete the required changes, we would like to inform our customers as to how they may be impacted. If you do not use Secure Work Space or only use Secure Work Space on Android, you can disregard this notice.

Currently, Secure Work Space is not compatible with iOS 9.3 and will not run on this iOS release. Secure Work Space users are strongly advised not to upgrade to iOS 9.3 until all of the Secure Work Space apps they use today have been updated to be compatible with iOS 9.3.

To stay informed on this topic please read this KB Article.

  • Customers are strongly advised to:
    • Not upgrade to iOS 9.3
      • Current versions of all Secure Work Space apps are not compatible with iOS 9.3
    • Ensure all iOS devices have a device passcode enabled
    • As per Apple’s security model, data encryption only occurs when a device passcode is enabled. As a result, updated Secure Work Space applications will now require a device passcode to operate.
    • Wait for updated Secure Work Space apps
      • BlackBerry is diligently working towards updating Secure Work Space apps to ensure iOS 9.3 compatibility and will post these to the App Store
      • Customers who use custom/in-house Secure Work Space applications will have to re-wrap to ensure compatibility with iOS 9.3
    • Stay Informed
      • Customers can refer to this KB Article for up to date information
    • Transition to Good Work
      • We recommend that customers transition to Good Work and obtain the required licenses by [a] requesting Good Secure SWS Grants (free of charge), [b] leveraging timed offers or [c] purchasing Good Secure Suites.
      • As a reminder, Secure Work Space will be end of sale (March 26, 2016) and end of support (Dec 31, 2016) as indicated on the BlackBerry Support Life Cycle
      • Contact your BlackBerry Account Manager or BlackBerry directly for full Good Secure SWS Grants offer details.
      • Developer Partner Resource: Click here to explore our Developer Communications, Developer Resources and Partnering information available for the BlackBerry / Good Dynamics SDK platform.

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