How Developers Can Deliver Usable, Secure Mobile Enterprise Apps

ENTERPRISE / 03.28.16 / BlackBerry

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Being an enterprise mobile app developer today is like working in a pressure cooker.

  • There’s the growing mobile workforce that expects not only more enterprise mobile apps, but also that the apps will have the performance and usability they get from their consumer apps.
  • Developers have to account for and control the very real security risks and regulatory pressures surrounding mobile devices and applications.
  • BYOD has driven a wide variety of devices, with different operating systems, software update cycles and hardware, into the enterprise, escalating app compatibility complications.
  • At the same time, according to Gartner, IT organizations don’t have nearly enough developers to deliver what’s expected of them now, let alone in a year or two when the Internet of Things gains a greater foothold in our work and personal lives.

This post was originally published on Inside BlackBerry Business Blog.

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