Good Dynamics SDK for iOS v. 2.1.4439 and Android v. 2.1.1256: What’s New for Developers

ENTERPRISE / 02.09.16 / BlackBerry


The newly released Good Dynamics (GD) SDK for Android and iOS contains several new features designed to extend the functionality of Good Dynamics-based applications.

Client Certificate Support

Good Dynamics applications will be able to automatically authenticate using client certificates. Client certificates, either loaded by users via the GD self-service portal or retrieved by the Good Console from an organization Certificate Authority, will be automatically downloaded and used by Good Dynamics apps as needed.

Client certificates will be used for authenticating users against internal resources or for Direct Connect connections. Good Dynamics admin will be able to:

  • Provision client certificates to GD users
  • Revoke client certificates from GD users
  • Allow users to provisions their own client certificates, via the self-service portal
  • Require password for client certificate provision

iOS 9/Xcode 7.x Compatibility

GD –based applications will be able to use the iOS 9 target to build. This will allow for full compatibility with iOS latest system version sand devices. In addition this version of the GD SDK is fully compatible with the latest Xcode development system, version 7.x.

OCSP support for S/MIME Certificates

S/MIME functionality will take advantage of the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) standard to validate its certificates and revoke them if needed. OCSP is a well-recognized Internet standard supported by all browsers. 

Android Apache HTTP Support

To maintain compatibility with Android applications built to run on Android M we have added support for Apache HTTP in the Android GD SDK.


The GD PhoneGap plugin has been improved by adding support for writing binary data securely and providing compatibility with Cordova 5.x.


For detailed information about this release, please check the following documents:


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