Good Dynamics SDK Part 1: Overview

ENTERPRISE / 01.19.16 / rbschaefer


The Good Dynamics platform consists of 3 components: the SDK library compiled into applications, the Network Operating Center and servers, the Good Control and Good Proxy. Policies (e.g. idle timeout value) and actions (e.g. wipe) to control the application are set by the admin on the Good Control console and implemented by the NOC and library. Several platform services are built-in and require no coding such as Identity, Access Management and Single Sign-on Authentication between apps and on server side.

good_dynamics_client Good Dynamics clients can be native or hybrid apps using frameworks such as Cordova. Regardless, they are built with the GD APIs:

  • Management and Policy APIs – check Good Control for settings (e.g. data leakage control)
  • Secure Storage APIs – File System, Database and Core Data (iOS)
  • Secure Comms APIs – HTTP/HTTPS, Secure Sockets and URL Loading for communicating with servers
  • Shared Services APIs – for consuming and providing services from apps and servers

With these APIs, data is protected while in use, at rest and in transit, whether between apps or apps and servers. The Shared Services APIs provide secure linkage between apps enabling the programmer to build secure workflows for business use cases. This is the most powerful feature of Good Dynamics. For more information attend our webcast on February 2nd at 11am ET.

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