BlackBerry PRIV App Roundup: Skype for Business, Instant

GOOGLE PLAY / 01.22.16 / BVE

The PRIV by BlackBerry® brings the power of BlackBerry to Android. This delivers the largest selection of apps to our users along with the most secure experience possible and brings along many partners, new and old, consumer and enterprise.

Communication is at the heart of any business. Whether it’s email, IM, a forum post or a note on a bulletin board, the end goal is to ensure clear transmission of the information. When it comes to mobile communication, most of us have used Skype to communicate with friends or family, but what about colleagues?
Skype for Business on BlackBerry PRIV Puts Worldwide Collaboration in Hand

With the shift to mobile, our daily lives have become flooded with information at any time throughout the day. We have an infinite amount of information available at our fingertips and the ability to share that information with anyone, including friends, family and strangers. Have you ever wondered how many countless minutes you spend each day on your device?
Stay Productive on PRIV with Instant

Look for more partner features next week. Happy Friday!


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