With Voxer and the BlackBerry PRIV, Securely Make Your Voice Heard

Privacy on PRIV by BlackBerry adWhen it comes with collaborating with co-workers, what’s your preferred method of communication? Does that align with what your company has approved? Voice and text have their fair share of benefits and drawbacks, depending on the situation, your industry and your location.

While text and email can improve efficiency with short, rapid answers and responses, they also make it easy to forget that there’s another human being on the other end. Also, sometimes the best ideas are discovered by talking with another person – sounding things out while brainstorming helps creativity flow.

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Voxer vows to bring personality to quick communication. Users can easily build rapport and relationships with colleagues through the Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger. The Voxer application transmits voice, video, photo or text messages through your carrier network or WiFi connection – you don’t even need a cellular connection to use it. You can communicate in real time and also save audio files for future listening.

Voxer allows you to:voxer-logo-3

  • Instantly communicate through live Walkie Talkie – PTT (Push To Talk)
  • Send voice, text, photos and location messages
  • Record and play voice messages anytime
  • Create messages even when offline
  • Use a home-screen widget for instant communication

Voxer chats can happen between individuals or in groups, and users can easily switch between voice, text and even multimedia. The base Voxer app is free, and the paid Pro version adds larger group chats, admin control, Dropbox sharing, increased storage and other features.

Businesses also need to ensure that the information their employees communicate is secure and protected against eavesdropping. Voxer uses TLS/SSL for OTA/OTW communication, as well as FIPS-compliant device storage.

BlackBerry has long been a leader in secure communication – think BBM Protected, or our just-released SecuSUITE for Enterprise solution – and has extended its proven security strategy to Android (and the full range of apps in the Google Play store) with its new PRIV smartphone. PRIV embeds security deep into the hardware, extending Voxer’s protection in a wide range of ways.

When it comes to communication and security, Voxer and the BlackBerry PRIV both talk the talk, and walk the walk.

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