Last Call: BlackBerry 10 Plug-in for ADT


As mentioned here back in August, Google is shifting its efforts towards Android Studio to be the official IDE of Android development. So as the end of 2015 approaches, we should take note that the end-of-life clock is ticking down on the Android Development Tool (ADT) plug-in for eclipse.

Unless you have already made the switch over to Android Studio, now would be the right time to start transitioning your existing ADT projects to Studio, and get familiar with the new IDE. To assist in your changeover to Android Studio, you can reference the Migrating to Android Studio documentation, in addition to the Transition Guide for Eclipse ADT.

eolBlackBerry Plug-in for Android Developer Tools

Specific to BlackBerry 10 developers who are leveraging the BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps, the BlackBerry Plug-in for ADT along with its associated documentation will also be taken offline from our developer microsite around the same timeframe (late December 2015). This will allow us, and BlackBerry 10 developers, to continue to align with industry standards and the future of Android development.

In lieu of support for ADT, BlackBerry 10 developers can find the BlackBerry Plug-in for Android Studio here, along with its respective documentation. Moving forward we’ll continue to support BlackBerry 10 developers who are utilizing the runtime, via the BlackBerry Plug-in Android Studio.

We’d love to you hear your thoughts on your own migration from ADT to Android Studio in the comments section below.

  • What do you miss from the eclipse interface?
  • What new features do you like about Android Studio?
  • Have you mastered the Gradle build system?
  • Have you tested your app against the PRIV emulator skin?

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