This just In: Thomson Reuters and PRIV are Making Headlines

Beyond mobile device happenings, how do you keep up with the latest financial developments? The Thomson Reuters Eikon Android application is the answer, with access to the most relevant news, analytics and financial content directly on your mobile device. Thomson Reuters is the leading, most trusted source of intelligent information directed towards professionals. Its pertinent data is made available in a timely manner to decision makers in various markets.Priv_Reuters_Device2

The Eikon App features:

  • Unrivaled market-moving news
  • Quick and seamless list & portfolio monitoring
  • Comprehensive market summaries
  • Around-the-clock real-time data and quotes
  • Detailed company information — including news, research, and estimates
  • Natural language search
  • Alerts and push notifications for news, market data, and research
  • Real-time research from award-winning analysts around the globe
  • Ability to save news and research for availability in offline mode
  • Simultaneous access to desktop and mobile

The Front Page helps to quench your nearly-insatiable thirst for knowledge as you can easily scroll up and down between headlines or left to right to jump between full stories.

Stories can be added to your virtual briefcase, for offline reading, or shared via email. Within each story, companies are highlighted so users can quickly jump to market information and additional analytics. All of this helps you make intelligent, researched decisions.

The Marketplace is the hub for knowledge covering all of the major financial markets, which include fixed income, foreign exchange and commodities. You have instant access to streaming prices.Priv_Reuters_Device3

Thomson Reuters Eikon offers you the world from the screen of the PRIV, so why take away from that experience with a virtual keyboard? The iconic slide-out physical keyboard not only helps you correctly capture any queries you may have for the application but also gives you an screen-free method for scrolling through commentary and details. Eikon is the most powerful, intuitive tool for financial professionals so it makes sense to enhance the experience with the most powerful, intuitive communication tool: the PRIV.

For BBOS and BlackBerry 10 users, you can get the app on BlackBerry World.

Originally posted on Inside BlackBerry

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