How to Correct the BlackBerry PRIV Emulator Skin Rendering Issues

ANNOUNCEMENTS / 11.23.15 / Mark Sohm


We have discovered that some systems were having rendering issues when using our Android emulator PRIV skin.  The screen could appear zoomed in and scrunched up – as in the screenshot above – or the device screen may render outside of the device plastics, overlapping other parts of the emulator.

We have updated the BlackBerry PRIV skin to correct this issue.  If you are having rendering issues follow the steps in the article “How to Correct BlackBerry Priv Emulator Rendering Issues” to replace the previous skin with the new one containing the fix.

Mark Sohm

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Senior Technical Solutions Manager on the Solution Architects team.

Mark Sohm joined BlackBerry in 2003 and currently works as a Senior Technical Solutions Manager on the Solutions Architects team. Mark Sohm has been helping developers create applications using BlackBerry technologies for over 15 years, starting way back with the very first BlackBerry JDK on BlackBerry OS 3.6 through to BlackBerry 10 and now Android with BlackBerry Dynamics and Android Enterprise.