BlackBerry Collaborates with Application Developers Alliance for App Strategy Workshops Discussing the Future of the Digital Enterprise

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Enterprise Developers, System Architects, and IT Experts Explore Cutting-Edge Technologies and Solutions in Dallas, London, and New York

The Application Developers Alliance, BlackBerry and others will be hosting a 3-city event series aimed at promoting cutting-edge enterprise technologies to increase operational efficiency, deliver multi-platform solutions and maintain data security. The Enterprise Development: App Strategy Workshops will offer insight on how to design, optimize and operate the next generation of digital infrastructure, explore market trends and learn from industry leading presenters on how to capitalize on the Enterprise Mobility Market.

“In an increasingly connected world, many enterprise IT infrastructures are strained by the demand to support floods of data from applications and cloud technologies,” said Jake Ward, acting President of the Application Developers Alliance. “The Enterprise Development: App Strategy Workshops allow enterprise developers and IT professionals to learn, collaborate and demo the newest technologies to ensure enterprises evolve efficiently, safely and securely.”

Workshops will be held in New York, N.Y. on October 13, London, U.K. on November 12 and Dallas, TX on December 10. Attendance will be restricted to 100 per workshop.

Workshop Key Takeaways Include:

  • Market Insights: In-depth exploration of the current enterprise landscape and opportunities to capitalize on the BYOD and Enterprise Mobility Market, which is forecast to grow to $266.17 billion by 2019.
  • Platform Security: Explore challenges of today’s corporate mobile climate and understand key principles to securely manage and deploy custom developed cross-platform enterprise and commercial enterprise mobile apps.
  • Data Security & Privacy: Uncover industry-leading tactics for planning and building a secure, bulletproof operating environment that minimizes data exposure risk and mobile security gaps in high-security, regulated industries.
  • Introduction to Software-Defined Infrastructure: Experience software-defined infrastructure live and what this disruptive technology means for the future of enterprise development, operational efficiency, optimization and performance.
  • Sneak-Peek of Future Technologies: Exclusive hands-on experience with new innovative developer tools and solutions from industry-leading enterprise service providers.

To learn more, visit the Enterprise Development: App Strategy Workshops website.

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