This Week in BlackBerry World: Games Edition


This week we would like to highlight a few games in our Games Edition of This Week in BlackBerry World!

Metal Pixels by the developer Marco Gallo is a game side-scrolling adventure game. It has a two-button control system resembling an old-school gaming controller. The object of the game: run, jump and attack to see how far you can progress.


Hint: Do not land on the spikey guys!


My high score was a measly 6 points…. What about you?


Best Soko Puzzle by the developer Željko Miličević is a classic puzzle-type game. The object of the game: push all the “fragile” boxes into the highlighted cells. Seems easy enough, right? Well, it definitely is at the beginning. The game becomes more challenging at level 11. Remember, you only have 3 undos before you have to start over!


The goal is to complete the levels in as few moves as possible. It took me 51 moves to complete level 11 the first time around. Can you beat that? How far will you advance? Can you make it through all 42 levels that come with the game? What about all 800 that come with the $0.99 upgrade?!?!



Rumminy by the developer Heris IT is an online rummy-style game for two players. You can create an account to play against other registered players around the world, or connect with friends and family and add them to your friend list.


In addition to gameplay, users can engage each other through a friendly (or not so friendly) chat.


For those BBOS users, Revolver by the developer MMMOOO is a simulator of a professional .357 golden pistol, with effects so real it’s almost scary! Play a round of Russian-roulette to see how long you can survive!


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