iOS: Deploy Web Clips via BES12 for your Enterprise Web Applications

ENTERPRISE / 09.08.15 / EK Choi

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Using the web clip feature in the enterprise space can be pretty useful as custom icons are placed onto user’s devices.  Users tap the icons to access the company’s web portal or services in one easy step, without navigating through their bookmarks. For example, if your company has an internal Wiki or other web applications, you can set those sites up and make them available by deploying the web clips via BES.

We have already published a blog post on how to create a web clip for BlackBerry10. In this blog, I will show you how to create a web clip for iOS devices to achieve the same without writing any code. Yes, it is possible using BES12.

  1. Create a Web Clip Icon following Apple’s icon and image design guidelines.
  2. Create a Web Icon Profile on BES12.
  3. Add the web address in the URL field with http:// or https://. For the “Work and personal – full control” mode, which users can have both a personal and secure work space, using the URL scheme of the Work Browser app (sec-connect:// or sec-connects://) will open the website in the work browser.
    E.g. sec-connect://
  4. Set whether to allow users to remove the web icon from the home screen of their devices.
  5. Enable the web address to open as a full screen app on users’ devices so that the web icon can behave like an app, not a web page.
  6. Assign users to deploy the web icon onto devices.

If the web site is configured as part of the SSO (Single Sign-On) profile, the authentication process can also leverage the SSO model with the domains and web services in your corporation’s network.

For more details on creating a web icon profile on BES12, I suggest you also check out our BES online document, here.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for our next post!

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